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Founded in Toronto Canada in 1996, Combined Metal Industries (CMI) has quickly grown from a single truck venture into a successful full service metal recycling corporation. Led by President Gary Kaplan, CMI is now recognized as a leading and innovative recycler and distributor of metal products, thanks to the efforts of a passionate and dedicated team of people who drive success every day.

CMI services a strong core customer base in Canada with a presence in all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous markets across North America. As a leading partner to the Canadian manufacturing industry, CMI is transforming the Canadian marketplace with best environmental and quality management practices in all our processes and facilities. Incorporating the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance & Management and ISO 14001:2004 benchmarks have further streamlined our world-class standards.

By continuously exploring new ways to innovate and improve our overall offering, we have developed a reputation as trendsetters in the industry. Through the creative power of our team we redefine the use of available equipment and technology to run an ever improving business and better service our customers.

CMI has developed a reputation of creating and innovating new service and operational solutions through the use of available equipment and technology to better service our customers.

CMI Mission Statement

CMI is resolved to be a leading and innovative recycler and distributor of metal products across North America. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and environmental consciousness while providing a safe, unique and highly sought after work environment. Through being efficient and proactive, we are dedicated to exceed our customers’ expectations in service and value and thereby establish mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships.

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