How Scrap Metal Works

We’ll Pick Up Your Scrap

The first step in the scrap metal recycling process is the collection of materials to be recycled. CMI trucks will seamlessly pick up your scrap metal without undue interference to your day to day operations.

CMI has designed the most rugged containers in the industry, which means exceptional safety and the extensive selection of infrastructure has the capacity to handle and transport all forms of material.


The Sorting Process

Once the scrap metals reach CMI yards, they are sorted on the basis of their properties. This process is made easier with specialized equipment and highly trained staff. For Example, when sorting Ferrous materials we use magnets to pull out the appropriate material.

Environmental hazards are also identified and correctly managed. CMI yards are safe, well organized and sorting areas are concreted. Our concreted yards reduce the chance of contaminating the soil and nearby water sources. Catch basins are further used to ensure there is no runoff of chemicals when materials are exposed to rain or snow. The basins are periodically pumped and the collected waste is appropriately & ecologically disposed of.

Smelting & Purification

How It Wokrs – Smelting

The next step is to melt all the scrap metal with similar properties in a large furnace. Each metal has a specially designed furnace depending on its properties. The melting utilizes a lot of energy in the form of fuel, but the energy consumed in the process can be up to 95% less then using mined ore or virgin material. Some metals also have a 100% recovery rate, which means they can be recycled over and over again without diminished strength or becoming brittle.

The Finished Product

The refined products are used by manufacturers that produce finished goods for use in a wide range of product used in our everyday lives; thus completing the recycling process.