Public Yard FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Call us for additional information about visiting a CMI Public Yard.  The below topics are available to answer some of your immediate questions.

What if my question is not on this list?

Our goal at CMI is to provide the best customer service possible. Please contact your nearest CMI public yard for any additional information. Click here for yard locations & contact info.

Where do I bring my scrap metal?

We are open to the general public and we also service commercial and industrial customers of all sizes. Click here for a list of CMI public yard locations.

What are your hours of operation?

Click here to select the nearest public yard to your location and a listing of open hours.

Can I “walk” into a CMI public yard to drop off my scrap metal?

CMI public yards are best accessed by vehicle, but you are welcome to drop off scrap metal if you walk into our yard. Remember to follow all instructions from the yard staff and pay attention to moving vehicles in the yard for your safety.

What products can I bring to the yard?

With few exceptions, as long as the majority of the product is made up of metal it can be dropped off at a CMI public yard. Click here to see a sample list of products you can drop off. For safety and environmental reasons the below products are not accepted or require processing before arriving at a CMI yard.

  • Cars: must have the gas tanks emptied and removed and there is a small deduction in weight if the tires are not removed. Please call your local public yard before transporting the vehicle, to ensure you are visiting the correct yard for disposal of the vehicle.
  • Pressurized Tanks: Propane tanks, beer kegs and other pressurized cylinders are best recycled through city dump locations. These items can be very dangerous to recycle (even empty) and should not be brought to CMI public yards.
  • A/C units: Must be appropriately drained of Freon before transporting to a CMI public yard.
  • Fridges: Must be appropriately drained of Freon before transporting to a CMI public yard.
  • Freezers: Must be appropriately drained of Freon before transporting to a CMI public yard.

Is there a minimum # of items or scrap weight I need before visiting a CMI public yard?

CMI public yards are capable of handling all delivery sizes. There are no minimums, every bit of metal that is recycled helps save the environment from growing landfills and puts money in your pocket.

Will CMI pick up my scrap metal for me?

To get the best price for your scrap metal, we recommend that you drop off your scrap metal items to our public yards. If you have a significant amount of scrap metal please contact your local public yard to discuss possible collection services.

Do I need to contact the public yard before I visit?

You can drop off your scrap metal at a CMI public yard without having to call ahead. CMI public yards are conveniently open extended hours to ensure everyone has a chance to visit the yard.

Do I need to wear any safety gear to visit the public yards?

CMI yards are well organized and the designated drop-off areas are well monitored for safety hazards. We’d recommend that you dress appropriate for an industrial environment, with at least closed toe shoes and full length pants to ensure your comfort. Please follow all posted yard rules and instructions to maximize your safety while visiting our yards.

Do I need to provide ID to drop off my scrap metal? Why?

CMI asks for photo ID to create an account in our system and your name is used to open the account. Your ID will not be copied or scanned into our system. Accounts that reach certain thresholds could qualified for better pricing based on yearly volumes. We want to make sure you get the most out of your scrap metal revenues.

How do I figure out what kind of scrap metal I have?

Bring your scrap metal to a CMI public yard and one of our knowledgeable staff members will help identify what metals you have. It’s that easy.

Can I drop off electronic waste (e-waste) like old computers and TVs?

CMI public yards accept electronic waste. For a list of examples of what you can recycle click here.

Do you take non-metal materials?

Currently, CMI facilities specialize in the recycling of metallic products only. We do not recycle paper, cardboard, wood or plastic items at our facilities. Please refrain from bringing items that do not contain any metal components to our yards.

How much money will I get for my scrap metal?

CMI offers very competitive pricing. Prices can vary from day to day depending on market fluctuations. CMI uses calibrated certified digital scales that are visible to you at all times. These scales help ensure you get top dollar for your scrap metal. Contact your local CMI public yard for today’s prices.

How do I get paid for the scrap metal I bring to CMI?

CMI pays competitive prices for scrap metal in cash or by cheque.

Can I buy metal or car parts for a project I am working on?

To ensure the safety of our customers and staff, customers are not permitted to wander the yard. Items are not available for sale at our public yards.

Why don’t more people recycle scrap metal?

CMI is happy to help spread the word about how recycling scrap metal puts extra money into the pockets of our customers. Ask your local CMI public yard about any referral programs that may be available. Please call your local CMI public yard if you have any questions about your recyclable materials. Click here for a list of CMI public yard locations.