Combined Metal Industries Inc.

We told you we take this scrap seriously

We started with a clean sheet of paper, a list of ‘what ifs’ and 11 acres of prime industrial land. Many months later, the result is a remarkable new 240,000 sq ft facility that effectively redefines what a metal recycling operation should be. We’ve eliminated the congestion, dust, noise and poor lighting conditions typically associated with our industry, and in doing so created an architectural expression of our core values and commitment to revolutionizing how scrap metal recycling is perceived.

Limits pushed, conventions shattered

Our new Keele Street facility is designed to take metal recycling to the next level

  • An expansive, ‘open concept’ interior maximizes traffic flow and visibility
  • Hi-tech, energy efficient LED lighting floods the interior and provides a safe and positive work environment
  • The modern, in-house training centre facilitates continuous skills development for our team members
  • Solid concrete bunkers have been specially engineered to shrug off the stress of heavy loads and contain metal

Because moving mountains of scrap metal can get a little loud

We’re quietly revolutionizing scrap metal recycling

  • We’ve isolated the baling operation to keep noise pollution at a minimum
  • Two independent, solid buffer walls drastically reduce processing noise in office area where innovation and creativity thrive

A friendly neighbourhood scrapyard

We’re a fresh, modern face on the block

  • Ample parking accommodates multiple trucks and trailers on site and alleviates traffic congestion
  • Our attractive, modern façade sets a new standard for what a metal recycling facility should look like

Putting people first

We’ve made comfort and productivity a priority

  • A computer-controlled circulation system continuously replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air
  • Our open plan work space encourages collaboration and signifies our commitment to transparency
  • Private meeting rooms and coffee stations greet guests upon arrival
  • Radiant heating keeps the building interior comfortable and productive in winter months

Building stronger dealer relationships from scrap

We’ve ramped up customer comfort and convenience

  • With 14 loading docks and 2 of the largest roll up doors in Ontario, it’s clear that we mean business
  • Multiple weigh scales directly adjacent to the receiving docks provide fast and accurate weigh-ins

Recycling is the ultimate expression of efficiency

Our new Keele Street facility is technologically enhanced

  • We’ve digitized much of our operation to ensure peak productivity
  • We’ve transitioned from paper to digital, and helped our customers do the same
  • Our advanced, 24/7 logistics centre coordinates all customs requirements for customers across North America